Limo Feature Focus: The Bars Onboard

Onboard bars are one of the features that set limousines apart from other luxury rides. Just about every limo has one, and no two are exactly alike. Understandably, people often have questions about the wet bar when they’re making reservations. In this article we give you answers to the most common ones.

Is the wet bar free?

Usually the wet bar is included with the rental. The limo service will supply glasses, ice, water and non-alcoholic drinks. The limo rental company may stock the bar for you for an additional fee if you ask them to beforehand. Additionally, you may be able to find specials that include extras like a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Can you bring your own booze?

Typically you can bring your own libations as long as all the passengers are 21 and over. If the chauffeur isn’t sure of the passengers’ ages they make check I.D.s to ensure everyone is legally able to drink.

Will there be a refrigerator?

Refrigerators aren’t as common as the bars themselves. However, most do have built in ice buckets for keeping bottles chilled. When you reserve the limo ask the company what all amenities come with the bar.

What if a drink gets spilled?

Refer to your contract for specifics on how damages will be handled. You can expect that there will at least be a cleaning fee to take care of spills.

How big is the bar?

Typically the bigger the limo, the bigger the bar is likely to be. Some super stretch limos have more than one bar onboard. There may only be a few ice buckets, but you can expect that the bar will be equipped with enough glassware for all the passengers.

The wet bar amenities vary from one Austin limousine rental company to the next. When you make your reservation ask the rental service what you can expect to find in the bar and whether any extras are included. Also get the fees in writing so there are no surprises. Click here for more information or visit






How to Deal With Children in Times of Relocation

Prior to the move, one of the most knotty issues parents fail to notice is the process of relocating with kids. The entire moving process can have tremendous effect on children no matter how much you try to involve them in choosing a new home to relocate with. It would be sensible if parents take adequate time and effort to better attend to their needs, fears, worries, wishes, and thoughts in order to make the entire moving process hassle-free.

Even young and quiet children can be affected by the thought of moving to another place. Parents should take note that young kids can easily recognize their environments and home for them is a place where they know they are safe, secure and comfortable. They also have strong attachments to certain places inside the house where they frequently visit. And as they get a little older, as soon as these kids start making friends at school, the news of moving to another place can be a very painful and devastating process for them. Moving can never run smoothly when you have kids having personal issues with fact of moving to another location.

Because kids tend to rebel after the move, the best way to handle such issue is to build constant communication with them by letting them say what they really feel about the moving process. Sometimes kids will just stay quiet and not say something about the subject. However, it is best that parents still need to provide information about the move because kids do listen and somehow they will come into terms with the situation. When they decide to talk about how they feel about moving, parents should allow their kids to express their emotions and should be able to talk to them through explaining the reason of moving. If done correctly, kids will understand the reasons and soon will help them deal with the moving process.

Every move should be timed correctly especially when kids are involved. School-aged children usually have problems blending into new schools should parents decide to relocate. Younger kids usually don’t have much problem blending in since they enjoy most the attention of being new to the school. However, kids who are older can have problems dealing with other kids at a new school. To address these concerns, parents should also take into consideration the issues that might affect their children especially about the idea of trying to fit in all over again.

The Austin Movers can offer full moving services to allow parents to take adequate time in dealing with personal matters such as relocating to another home with their kids. The company can assure sufficient liability coverage to compensate for damaged items due to unavoidable circumstances. A hassle-free move by Austin Movers can help parents and their children to deal with the moving process more easily.


Avoid Moving Scams — Find the Right Moving Company that’s Right for You

Local moves involve settling within the 100-mile radius of the same state where of the same state. Basically, there are several factors that can help you determine the price tag for every local move. Generally, local moves can only take a few hours to days depending on the range of the services that you will be requesting.

A good local moving company should be able to deliver the needed services within your requested deadline from packing, loading, transport, and unloading. This is very crucial for every move since time is always of the essence. The longer it takes to move your items, the greater the stress you are giving yourself. Remember, the reason why you are hiring professionals to move your items is to relieve yourself from the stress and worries of moving.

For most local moves, most moving companies are now charging by the hour depending on the number of professional staffs and type of transportation is involved for the move. When you agree to hire staffs that charge by the hour, make sure that they work fast and efficiently so as not to overcharge you with the service. However, it is much advisable to hire these professionals at a flat rate which can depend on the extent and size of the move. These professionals tend to work faster because they know that they are being paid at a uniform rate no matter how long it would take them to move your items.

When choosing a moving company, make sure you don’t fall for companies that offer too-good-to-be-true deals. Always compare rates from other moving companies so that you will be able to determine the possibility of a scam. Also, be careful about hidden fees. Scamming companies usually offer lower rates, but at the end of the move, you will be surprised by the existence of other additional charges that you were not aware of. To avoid this, make a written arrangement with your moving company with regards to breakdown of estimates before the scheduled move.

To avoid scams and hidden fees, always choose a company that offers a flat rate. You may also request from the company if which services are inclusive of the agreed estimate. Never hesitate to ask legal documents such as certification that they are licensed to operate as a moving company. Ask as many questions as possible to verify your concerns about their capabilities.

When you are planning for a local move, it is important that you hire moving experts coming from a good moving company such as the Austin Movers. Guaranteed flat rates are always preferred to avoid additional and hidden fees. The Austin Movers only employs professionals that are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to helping out in local moves. They offer unlimited services for you to choose from top tailor your moving needs. You check their website for a complete list of services and how to contact them.


Relocating Services According to Your Convenience

Moving from one home to another can be a really tough task for anyone who has never experienced this yet. It can also be very exhausting if you don’t know how to plan and to get things organized prior to packing and loading. You may wonder how to get things started the right way without forgetting or missing out on every single important detail. With so many things to worry about, sometimes it helps to have moving professionals to help you get things at the right order.

Professionals can help you in many different ways depending on your relocating needs. They can offer a wide range of services that covers all possible aspects of relocating from careful packing, lifting of heavy boxes, safe transportation, to inventoried unloading of items, and organized unpacking. Typically, there are three kinds of services that professional relocating companies can offer and these are full relocating service, partial relocating service, and truck rental service.

A full relocating service is the most complete and the best kind of service there is since it is inclusive of all moving options possible for your needs. These professionals will handle all aspects of the move and that is from packing and loading, to transportation and unloading of all your personal items. On top of that, the moving company also provides adequate insurance coverage for any loss or damage of inventoried items during unavoidable circumstances or events that can transpire during the move. Hence, you can sit back and relax as you let the hired professionals do all the work.

The relocating service is a semi- self service and a semi-full service that allows you to customize your demands for services during relocation. This also provides many customers an affordable and fair chance in obtaining a professional’s help by personally choosing which service they will only need during the transfer. Here, you can do all the packing of your items by yourself and let the professionals handle the loading and transportation. Another choice would be, hiring professionals to pack bigger items which you cannot handle yourself such as furniture and expensive collectible items. Aside from being cost-effective, this kind of service allows you a better control over different aspects of the move.

The truck rental service is probably the most affordable among the choices since you will only rent a truck that will serve as a transport vehicle of all your belongings. Though this is way cheaper, the moving process can be very stressful on your part since you have to do all the packing, loading, and unloading. Unless you yourself is a professional packer and loader, this service may not be enough for you.

The Austin Movers can do so much for you whenever you are in need of professional packers and movers. They are licensed professionals that have a lifetime of experiences and skills in the moving industry. Please visit the Austin Movers for full assessment and quotation.


Good Mover for A Peace of Mind

Whenever you plan to move from one place to another, it is important that you seek the best available movers in Austin who can cater to all your moving needs wherever and whenever you plan to move. However, finding the right mover that will suit your needs may not be simple if you don’t know what to look for.

It is important that you select a mover that offers reliable services at all times. Always look for a certification from the company that you have selected. Reliable movers should have a certification that they are licensed to operate under a mover company. A certification is enough to give you that peace of mind whenever you seek the services of a mover company. Furthermore, you may also look into their website if they have any. There you will see an archive of testimonials from different clients whom they have served in the past. These testimonials are true to life experiences of clients who can attest to the quality of their services. You can also learn from their testimonials if what services they would highly recommend.

Another thing that you should look into in a good mover company, is their insurance coverage. This particular matter is very important especially when you are letting the company handle your expensive items such as furniture, piano, sculptures, and paintings. The insurance coverage should be able to compensate you with anything that is damaged by the mover company during the duration of the contract. You cannot simply afford to lose valuable items but there are times that accidents do happen. It is always wise to select a company that has this kind of benefits during unfortunate events. Also, make sure that the company of your choice should be able to process your compensation claims from the insurance as soon as possible. A good mover company should be able to provide enough transportation that can accommodate everything inside your home such as furniture. Also, enough manpower is very important so as not to waste time moving.

The Austin Movers is a moving company that offers all kinds of moving services that will surely suit your needs. They also have insurance coverage that should compensate for whatever damage that may result from unexpected or unforeseeable events. If you are looking for fast and reliable mover, you can count on Austin Movers.


Professional Movers for a Reliable and Comfortable Relocation Experience

For long distance and local moving needs, always rely on a professional mover company. A professional mover should be known for their extensive experiences in moving simple and difficult furniture, vehicles, paintings, glassware, and many more which results to a huge number of satisfied customers. It is would be easier to entrust such company with your precious belongings because you know they are in the right hands of professionals. Moreover, a professional mover should have clean driver records to carry out a safer move especially during long distances.

The use of movers for relocation is rapidly gaining popularity among families and corporate businesses. Professional movers usually aim to provide easy and stress-free service to all customers during relocation from one place or state to another. By offering a wide variety of moving services, customers are able to individually choose which service they will be needing prior and during the big move.

A professional mover company should be reliable at all times, and should make every relocation situation comfortable, hassle-free and easy. Therefore, choosing the right professional to do the job for you can be a task that needs to be carefully planned. Once you find one that can best serve you, that means you are entrusting them the responsibility of moving, transporting, unloading, and/or unpacking of all your personal belongings.

So to be sure always keep in mind to hire a professional mover company that is licensed, registered and bonded in your state. You may check the customer’s references if you want to be sure of their reliability and claims. You should also make clarifications of any possible hidden costs that might be involved that you should know about.

You see, it pays more to be sure what mover you should hire. Professional mover companies like the Austin Movers are honest and reliable professionals who are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to provide the best relocation experience. The Austin Movers are equipped with all the necessary tools and storage vehicles for a hassle-free and safe move.


Everything Is Safe and Smooth With Professional Movers

There a lot of moving companies in Austin but only a few or a portion of that are experienced packers and movers who can ensure a stress-free and safe relocation. If you want to find and hire a good movers company to assist you in your relocation, then it is essential that you spend an ample of time searching for the right one which has a variety of moving and packing experiences. The more experienced movers and packers they become, the more efficient they are in their work. If you are from Austin and plans to relocate within the area or onto another state, then you might want to consider hiring a movers company such as the Austin Movers.

If you want to be able to relocate in the safest possible way, then it is wise to only hire professional movers from a reputable moving company. Whenever you visit a moving company, it is important that you let the company know what moving needs you have so that they will be able to help you choose the right moving services that are well-suited for you. A good movers company will always find time to make house visits ahead of time to determine the amount and extent moving services you might need and to devise a helpful strategy for a safe and smooth relocation.

Since relocating the entire contents of the house can be a very heavy task, proper planning must be made to better prepare the entire contents of the house for loading and transport. A professional movers company knows exactly how long and how much will it take to achieve a smooth relocation. Professional and experienced movers can safely accomplish all needed tasks on time and without hassles.

When it comes to packing services, a good moving company can provide skilled packers for all types of items with extreme caution. Delicate and fragile items are carefully packed with the right moving supplies and are fastened safely upon loading for safe transport. Even the heaviest item around the house can be safely packed with ease by professional movers.

Professional movers companies like the Austin Movers are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to guarantee clients with safe and efficient relocation service at any given time. Should you need their services, you may visit or call their office so that a quote can be made and a relocation strategy can be prepared.


Hire Dependable and Trustworthy Movers

As a homeowner you always want to make sure that you got the right mover whom you can trust when it’s time for you and your family to move from one house to another. Moving is not as simple as it is being said. Moving requires a lot of planning on how our furniture and other possessions will be transferred safely. That is why, it is very important that you find the best movers to help you move your things.

When you own valuable items like antique furniture and original artworks, of course you would want to hire a mover that knows how to deal with these particular items so that they will be able to protect them as they are being transferred all the way to your new house or apartment. A mover who specializes on special transfers of these valuable items may ask for higher rates because of the amount of special measures that are made are also high. Although quiet expensive, at least you will be able to have a peace of mind as your valuable items are on their way to your new home.

Hiring a mover that is trustworthy can make a lot of difference. It does pay to have a mover who is dedicated to provide your precious items the best possible care while in transit. The mover may provide padded wooden crates where it can temporarily store your valuable items such as paintings.

The Austin Movers is a company that is committed to provide special treatment to all kinds of valuable items that you might own that needs to be transferred. They also offer the best deals that are affordable and at the same time dependable. Austin Movers are known for their trustworthiness when it comes to all aspects of care and transfer of all furniture, appliances, and other valuable items.