Limo Feature Focus: The Bars Onboard

Onboard bars are one of the features that set limousines apart from other luxury rides. Just about every limo has one, and no two are exactly alike. Understandably, people often have questions about the wet bar when they’re making reservations. In this article we give you answers to the most common ones.

Is the wet bar free?

Usually the wet bar is included with the rental. The limo service will supply glasses, ice, water and non-alcoholic drinks. The limo rental company may stock the bar for you for an additional fee if you ask them to beforehand. Additionally, you may be able to find specials that include extras like a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Can you bring your own booze?

Typically you can bring your own libations as long as all the passengers are 21 and over. If the chauffeur isn’t sure of the passengers’ ages they make check I.D.s to ensure everyone is legally able to drink.

Will there be a refrigerator?

Refrigerators aren’t as common as the bars themselves. However, most do have built in ice buckets for keeping bottles chilled. When you reserve the limo ask the company what all amenities come with the bar.

What if a drink gets spilled?

Refer to your contract for specifics on how damages will be handled. You can expect that there will at least be a cleaning fee to take care of spills.

How big is the bar?

Typically the bigger the limo, the bigger the bar is likely to be. Some super stretch limos have more than one bar onboard. There may only be a few ice buckets, but you can expect that the bar will be equipped with enough glassware for all the passengers.

The wet bar amenities vary from one Austin limousine rental company to the next. When you make your reservation ask the rental service what you can expect to find in the bar and whether any extras are included. Also get the fees in writing so there are no surprises. Click here for more information or visit