First Time Home Owner? Now What?

Everyone defines their own “American dream” differently, but for many Americans that dream includes home ownership.  As a renter there are certain things you can do to make your space feel more like home.  However, you may hesitate to make any more permanent changes like painting the walls.  Sure, you can paint back over the walls when your lease is up, but it’s hard to make your rental feel like home when you know your attempts at personalizing your place are only temporary.  Renting does come with some positives.  In case of an emergency with the home, the owner is on the hook for expenses and repairs, not the renter.  Nevertheless, there is something to be said for owning your own little piece of property.  After you have firmly grasped the brass ring of home ownership, what do you do next?  Peruse our The Woodlands Movers Guide for suggestions for first time home owners!


  • Curtail your Home Loan – Make extra payments on your home loan and make sure the payments are applied to the principal.  This will save you beau-coups of moo-la in the long run and can significantly shorten the years you are working on your mortgage.  Extra payments could take off 4.5 years of a 30 year mortgage!
  • Save $$$ – We are not done talking about moo-la yet!  As a homeowner you will be responsible for all the home repairs and emergencies.  The question is not whether IF something will fail or need work, but WHEN!  Saving up for an emergency rainy-day fund can be difficult, especially if you have just gotten done shelling out all your extra cash for a down payment, but this is something every homeowner must have.
  • Cleaning and Painting – If possible, do a thorough cleaning and paint the interior before you move in!  Steam the carpets and complete any minor home maintenance or repairs before all of your furniture and belongings arrive in a Square Cow truck.  It will be much harder to paint or clean around all the extra objects in a room.
  • Personalize your Backyard – Don’t let your outdoor living area go to waste.  This is your house and you should enjoy all of it, including your front and back yards!  Install a privacy fence if you would hang out more in the backyard without stares from nosey neighbors, make sure that Fido is comfortable in his new area with a safe fence that he can’t dig under, grow some roots with a garden, and plant a tree hoping for future shade!
  • Invest in Window Treatments – Window treatments can be expensive, but if you are here to stay, why not?  The bright sun beaming through your windows can interrupt more than just a good night’s sleep.  The sun can fade your furniture and increase your energy bills.
  • Enjoy – The most important thing about owning your home is enjoying it!

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