Get Your Plants Ready for the Big Move with the Help of a Moving Company

When you finally decide where to move, it’s not just furniture and other household items that you want to bring with you. Although most people would just leave their plants behind, there are some individuals who would never do such a thing. If you are a garden enthusiast, you also have plants to consider prior to the move.

Plants are generally very fragile things such as orchids and other flowering plants. Just like any other items, plants also get a lot of beating when mishandled. Even if you think they have survived the relocating process, plants can later on die because of trauma. And because of that, relocating companies do not cover plants as part of their insurance policies. That is why they deserve proper handling.

As a garden enthusiast, you know exactly just how valuable plants can be. They are not just ordinary stuffs that you can just replace if damaged or lost. Plants are like our pets. The fact that you have invested so much time and effort to grow them should mean that they deserved to be handled gently and carefully during relocation. Prior to choosing a relocating company, it’s always best to find someone that also handles relocation of plants.

Prior to relocating, always assess all the plants that you want to bring with you. Make sure you feed and prune them ahead of time. You may also administer treatments for control of pest to be able to get them in good condition. You should also consider the state of the pots from which your plants are planted. If they are planted in stone or cracked pots, you should replant them in plastic pots for safety. A damaged pot has greater chance of breaking during transit resulting to harming of its contents. Also, make sure that plants are planted in appropriate sized pots to prevent the contents from moving about thus avoiding damage.

The best time to dig your garden is on the scheduled day of the move. You may hire the services of your relocating company if you have so much to dig up. Plants should be dug with a root ball at its base. Your hired movers can wrap the pants for you to make sure that the earth won’t get too dry during the transport. Should you wish to have you palm trees moved, your hired movers can take care of that.

The Austin Moving Company can also offer relocation assistance for your plants. They can collect the plants for you, pack and ready them for transport. The Austin Moving Company offers different kinds of services, feel free to contact them anytime convenient for you. You may also visit their website for an overview of their services.