Labeling Tips for Your Moving Boxes

Lots of moving companies like Movers Austin allow their clients to do self moving. Self-service moving means that you do all the packing of your belongings and what the moving company will have to undertake is to simply load up all your possessions in their truck, transport them and unload them in your future home. This a fantastic option that you can choose especially if you are saving up some money.

When you have time to prepare for your move, doing the packing will surely earn you lots of saving. What you practically have to pay the moving company will be the transport costs only. You should also know that most moving companies charge according to the amount of time it takes them to move all things up. So, you should carefully and systematically do the labeling of your boxed containers to save time and avoid incurring extra fees.

Labeling your moving boxes is not just a simple task that you should just shrug off. When you do it properly, it will save you all the hassle of figuring and scouring out for your things in your next residence. It will also bring much ease for the hired movers to put the right pieces of boxes in the right room and save you all the trouble of transferring and lifting them later on. To properly do this task, here are labeling tips that you should follow from the experts of Movers Austin.

First, make sure that you have excellent and enough supply of labeling tools. If you are going to use permanent markers, make sure that you have back-ups just in case you run out of ink. Should you choose tapes, make sure that they are top-quality and new. Many movers would attest that lots of homeowners failed to use top-quality tapes and this can cause their labels to come off causing much confusion later on.

When labeling, make sure that you write on top and on the side of the boxes. Indicate the contents of the box whether they consist of plates, books or clothing. If there are breakables inside the box, always indicate “fragile” so that movers will handle them carefully and put them on the top of the pile.

If you have lots of rooms inside the house, it is also best to incorporate a color-coding scheme. Items taken from the same room should have their boxes taped with similar colors. And if you can have access to your future home, it will serve you well to also tape up huge color indicators for every room so movers know where to go right away. Following the colors is much easier once the movers are carrying and lifting the boxes over their shoulders.